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Part of the answer to that is that the title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek humor: That seems to be what most news these days is like, anyway, so let’s just call it what it is. The Daily Doom is a collection of news articles for people who prefer to hear things called out for what they are and who don’t care who that hits politically — people who take their reality straight up, no sugar coating. (If that’s not you, that’s OK; not everyone can handle the truth, and there is nothing wrong with recognizing your limitations. If you are someone who can handle bold flavor, please read on.)

To be more specific, The Daily Doom is a collection of the editor’s picks of the most significant headlines of the day with a deep focus on economic and political disruption in the US and globally. It is dedicated to following the economic and social collapse that just keeps coming like a tsunami.

The following is a full list of the regular topical categories to crystalize your sense of The Daily Doom:

  • Economania (national & global economic collapse + stocks & bonds)

  • Real-Estate Rubble (housing, commercial & global real-estate bubble trouble)

  • Money Matters (monetary policy, metals, cryptos, currency wars & cashless)

  • Overinflated & Underfed (too much money chasing too few goods due to weather, sanctions or other supply issues)

  • Wars & Rumors of War, Revolts, Hacks & Cyberattacks (+ AI threats)

  • Political Pandemonium & Social Senescence (major socio-political issues & events but not campaigns)

  • Damnation by Domination (unelected global government, invasive government, unconstitutional government & censorship)

  • A Pox Upon Us (the plagues, pandemics & health police of the 2020s)

  • Doomer Humor

You can get The Daily Doom delivered “to your doorstep” every weekday (except holidays) if you subscribe. It includes an introductory editorial about the most important headlines related to our economic, political and social collapse, hopefully delivered with a little humor, creativity or insight. (Free subscribers get the editorial each weekday and occasionally get the headlines, too. Only paid subscribers get the headlines every day. More importantly, paid subscribers get the deeper analysis, called “The Deeper Dive,” which many have said they value the most and which contain all my economic predictions).

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What other Substack readers are saying about The Daily Doom:

Sipke van den Berg:

You're connecting the dots very insightful. You have a rational and experienced broad insight into the political economy and you know how to transparantly translate this to people looking for deeper insight into our world. Please continue with this mission, others, even if quantitatively not that much will carry your knowledge further into the world.

James F Mallow:

Enjoy reading your in-depth editorials and analysis.

Lenn Koontz

I read every one of your editorials and in doing so I find I have basically read the headline news for the day…. I especially enjoy and appreciate your deeper dives. As long as you're concentrating on economics, I'm interested.


I have always found most useful and very interesting Davids editorials and insights into whats really happening with the economy, politics, inflation, real estate etc


What I appreciate the most is your economic insight, especially when it's contrarian…. You have really, really good instincts about how the world actually works, which is the reason I decided to throw some money your way each month. (You're one of only two substacks I actually pay for.) …I come here for YOUR opinion.

Robert Heuermann

There are very few other commentators willing to tell it like it is. Too many lying politicians, lying bankers, lying investment gurus. Your analyses and commentaries usually appear spot-on, and you do not have an axe to grind.

Bryan Gray

I really enjoy your editorials and Deeper Dives. I discovered you on Seeking Alpha and GoldSeek.


I enjoy your take on what is happening in the country and the world. I know doing the research is time consuming and then writing down your thoughts adds to that time commitment but I appreciate the effort that you put into it. I look forward to reading your Deeper Dives - it helps me better understand nuances that I don’t have time to dig for the details. Thank you for what you do.

Neal Bach

It's not about volume - I look forward to concise, quality insight.


Your work is amazing and I love the headlines really brings me up to speed even if I don’t click on them often…. Your work is waaaaaayyyy too valuable. Very unique and interesting perspective that brings a lot of breadth and depth to my perspective.

Phil D.

It made me smarter.

With testimonies like that, I’ve heard enough; count me in:

Digging deeper into The Doom:

If it’s not Right, what’s Left? The Daily Doom is neither. The Daily Doom is not MAGA, and it’s not “Bidenomics” either. It’s wholeheartedly independent, though it leans conservative in values, because it is about who is doing what to us, regardless of where they’re coming from or whose hero they are. It’s about good economic sense, not good politicians. It exposes unscrupulous politicians wherever they are. It’s also about what we are doing to ourselves.

The Daily Doom is an equal-opportunity critic because, if any party really had the answers, we wouldn’t have been on a multi-decade crash course into deep chasms of debt, regardless of who was in power, which has led ultimately into economic collapse. It’s all about monitoring the Great Collapse as it now unfolds, exposing the daily follies of the Fed and feds as much as possible.

It's also about social decay, civil unrest and wars that are part of the collapse we are now experiencing – the ways in which humanity unravels under stresses and the ways in which we are multiplying our stresses because of our own violent nature. It’s about how we are becoming unhinged, not just from each other but from our past, from the most basic ways in which we viewed and understood ourselves universally for thousands of years but now no longer do.

It's about the ways in which humanity is descending into chaos. Words are losing meaning. What are women’s sports? What is a woman? The modern Western woman may now tell you she has no idea … even if she’s smart enough to join the supreme court as the first Black “woman.” Eventually, she will have to tell you she also has no idea what Black is because she is not a biologist. Next, people will start declaring their race, regardless of their genetics. Then comes declaring one’s species on a birth certificate because actual human dysphoria extends to species, too.

It's also about global central planners and elitists whose ideas will stuff all of us into an authoritarian abyss because they don’t evaluate the potential greater costs they bring against humanity … or possibly just don’t care. They often don’t even think about the collateral climate costs of their interventions, such as how will they generate ecologically harmless electrical power for millions of new electric vehicles when areas all over the world are already going into brownouts.

The best part of The Daily Doom, however, is its economic commentary. The economic analysis in the weekly “Deeper Dives” are the part people are particularly willing to pay for.

Don’t need to read more to know you want it, then sign up now. (Remember, you can just hit “cancel" if the options aren’t for you.)

The Daily Doom draws on mainstream news sources and the alternative press, so you can get it all, but it seeks to avoid conspiracy theories because who needs fantasy doom when there is so much that is plainly real? That said, sometimes conspiracies are real, so those that look like they really might have something to them are included here, too. They are just not the main course.

At one time, the idea that Covid came from a Wuhan lab was considered conspiracy. Now it’s mainstream. At one time, the claim that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election was mainstream. Now the story about collusion is considered by many to be the actual conspiracy of a deep-state intelligence apparatus. At one time the Davos crowd at the World Economic Forum was shrouded in conspiracy theory, but now WEF leaders like Klaus Schwab brag openly about what they are scheming to do to you in incredibly brazen and bizarre terms. They act as if they don’t even need to hide what they are up to.

The Daily Doom will do its best to present the news that looks like it has a probable basis. There is no need to try to be extreme when the world right now is extreme. Sometimes a headline link will even include a note or adjustment that points to what you really might want to weigh as you read the story and evaluate it.

The best thing about The Daily Doom is that each weekday it concentrates the clearest news about the economic, social and political collapse playing out in the world right now so you get a solid sense of the collapse that is unfolding, and it gives you perspective in its editorials and “Deeper Dives” that others are saying they find extremely helpful and not common.

One other great feature about The Daily Doom is that ALL of the news stories collected here are from sites that do not charge a subscription, that do not have a paywall, and do not even require you to sign on for a free membership that may, then, enlist you in all kinds of spam (which The Daily Doom will never do to you). When a subscription source like the Wall Street Journal has a good story, The Daily Doom will look for another free source so you don’t have to do the looking.

The only exceptions will be stories on subscription sites when the headline or introduction or leading video says it all and where just that much is important enough that you will not want to miss the scoop. Even then, if the same story can be found on a free site, that’s the article you’ll find posted in The Daily Doom.

When there are many headlines coving one story, The Daily Doom concentrates the news to present the 2-3 best ones and tries to make sure the second and third ones have something more to say or additional photos you will want to see to broaden your perspective and not just repeat things.

Let The Daily Doom save you from hours of traipsing all across the internet to find solid stories you want about the Great Collapse that is happening all around us.

You can unsubscribe with a simple click, and your email will never be used for anything other than the free news you are signing up for:

(Note from the editor: To keep Doomers from becoming Gloomers, I also occasionally write my own humor that lampoons either party in the US two-ring political circus. If you lean Right, you’ll like The Malarky Musket. If you lean Left, let me recommend The Trumpette Gazette. I laugh at everyone, including myself, because it keeps the doom a little lighter. I’ve divided my satire into sister publications, however, so you can pick the one you find agreeable and ignore her sassy sister. Laughter is the purpose, so choose the one you’ll love.

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I publish The Daily Doom and write satire. As an equal-opportunity critic of America's sharply divided, two-ring political circus, I’ve divided my satire into sister publications so you can pick the one you find agreeable and ignore her sassy sister.