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Damn. I had to go to sleep w/o my daily Doom dose. But it will be excellent to double dip this weekend. I’m so appreciative of your work.

My perspective is that is more people read your work, along with Bill Bonner, Rudy Havenstein, and Wolf Richter and (although he sometimes paints a rosier picture than what I think actually exists…but it’s good to look at things differently) the world would be a much more rational place.

Alas, since that is unlikely to happen, we can just continue to muddle through.

On that note, I would be interested (maybe others would as well?) in seeing a short list of who you read regularly at some point. I know the 3 mentioned above you obviously read, as you sometimes reference their work. But I’m always on the prowl for other good work, and always interested in learning new things.

Have a great weekend. Eric.

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Thanks Eric,

I also like many of Adam Taggart's invterviews, Zero Hedge when they are not following their anti-American, pro-Putin dictates as Bulgarians who work for the czar. I should also go back to presenting occasional YouTube videos from the Maverick of Wall Street as I used to, but many are now for members only. Otherwise, I look at a lot of mainstream media to keep abreast of what the mainstream take is and because its helpful to quote them when they finally get it right and see the obvious, such as when CNBC called out the obviously "cooked" jobs reports.

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