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Hello David. It seems as though we may be cut from the same cloth but travelled down obviously different avenues of learning. I would love for you to read this stack and give a comment.

I saw you were published at Lew Rockwell, which in and of itself says a lot since he doesn't seem to be to easy to get published by. I have managed in the past, but this following link sent him on a tizzy because I felt the information was so important and he didn't. I guess I rubbed him the wrong way because now I'm on his "ignore" list due to my insistence. He said it was "too long" and yet I see the one he just published of yours easily rivaled the length of mine. Mine offers an explanation as to how we got to where we are due to the screwed up monetary system and some solutions to be used locally. Please check it out and comment.


~Mark Reynolds aka "Courageous Lion"


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